Ken : The band is called?


Ken : Spell that.


Ken : How did you get that name?

ZIBBZ: Well, you know i’ve always known that ahm,  i wanted have my own band and when, when I used to go on saturdays , I used to go shopping with my mom, grocery shopping I used to run off the record store and I was looking at the new records, Like, like I have five minutes until she’ll come and get me, and I was looking through them, and have like what, when I have a band , i wanted to start with a letter that it’s more possible for my cd’s to be at the front so I was like .. Z, i had to start it with a Z… (clap)

ZIBBZ : Very smart, you know what you can do, we did that with 7th level, we wanted a number, coz when you have a number in every book, They’re  at the very top.

(Music Plays)