Ken: Vin Clancy is joining us right now, this is voice of disruption so, Let’s talk about the whole idea of what people are doing wrong when it comes to the idea of growing their business online, what are they doing wrong?.

Vin : so they by default a they try and spend their way out of problems when they can actually do a lot with organic traffic, community building, email list and social media before they get to that point.. Ah spending is like taking drugs, eventually the money runs out, the drugs run out and then you’re in trouble. And a lot of..

Ken : you think spending, your saying buying ads or giving facebook money to get some visibility.

Vin : So facebook ads is the way you scale, but for a lot of early stage businesses they default to spending money when there’s actually a lot they can do with content and community, which should ahm, which 2 areas that I’ve grown my empire when I’ve never done paid ads, that’s what I’m doing.

Ken: You’ve never ?

Vin: No

Ken: Ever?

Vin: No

Ken: Ok