Ken: You have found a way to get in front of the big brands, the IBMS, the Procter & Gamble and discuss music, culture and entrepreneurship. I don’t know how you’ve done it, explain.

Freddie: Well, here it is in a nutshell so all music is created would three things right?

Ken : What are they?

Freddie: You have melody,

Ken: Ok.

Freddie: You have harmony and you have rhythm.

Ken: Ok.

Freddie : These..these 3 things, so I use melody, and taking that term and said well if it’s leading a music, what if we talk about it in corporate culture. The melody of a company, the ceo for example who’s out there talking about the vision for the brand, harmony is at least 2 notes, so i use harmony to talk about partners in teams working together there’s our rhythm and we’re going 1…2…3…4 now the way i connect it to life is, that’s your calendar , that’s your deadlines

Ken: hahahaha

Fredie: that’s your, that’s your, the way your sector in time